Rogier van der Weyden (c. 1399/1400-1464), 'De bewening van Christus', 1460-1464, olieverf op paneel, 80,6 cm x 130,1 cm.

‘Rogier van der Weyden ontsluierd’: How do Late Medieval art works and digital tools combine?

During a project that took place in the summer of 2018 in the Mauritshuis in The Hague, by itself a marvelous historical location built in the seventeenth century, the curators took us back to the Late Medieval period. In this exhibition, visitors get an insight into the process of painting in the fifteenth century. On […]

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The Kaasmuseum, Alkmaar. Image: M.M. Minderhoud The Kaasmuseum, Alkmaar. Image: M.M. Minderhoud

Digitising the Kaasmuseum – was it worth it?

As a Dutchwoman with roots in Noord-Holland, cheese making is something that my ancestors, if they did not actually partake in it themselves, would at least have been very familiar with. The Hollands Kaasmuseum (Holland Cheese Museum) in Alkmaar is therefore a place I long felt I should visit at some point, and now, with […]

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Test your own knowledge of the Siege of Alkmaar (also in English)! Photo by author

Digital cannon balls: the siege of Alkmaar told in a multi-inclusive way

On September 16th, I visited the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar (SMA). According to it’s website, the museum claims to be the memory of Alkmaar where one can experience and discover the history and art of this city and its surroundings. The museum has several permanent and temporary exhibitions. I paid a visit to Victorie! Het Beleg van […]

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The exhibition space of Hilde's House - Collection of Hilde's House

Hilde’s house: ‘a digital experience’

In 1995, during archaeological research a skeleton was found near the Dutch city of Castricum. The skeleton was more than 1600 years old and turned out to be a woman from the 4th century. She was probably between 24 and 30 years old and she originally came from East Germany. After further research the University […]

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Credits: / Menno Woudt
The Dutch Canon exhibition: under fire from ‘digital artillery'? Credits: / Menno Woudt

The Dutch Canon as a digital cannon

Bringing together the entire history of the Netherlands in one exhibition: that sounds almost impossible. Nevertheless, a brave attempt has been made. Exactly a year ago, the permanent exhibition De Canon van Nederland (the Dutch Canon) opened in the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum (Dutch Open Air Museum) in Arnhem. About fifty windows showing the historical and cultural […]

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A Journey Back in Time Through the Eyes of a German Doctor: an Analysis of Het Sieboldhuis

The Japanese people have evolved greatly since abandoning their isolationist attitude originating from 1854. Their isolationist attitude caused Japan to be  a rather closed society that did not accept any foreign intervention, cultures and influences. However, the Dutch Republic was allowed to establish a trading post on the artificial island Deshima, near Nagasaki.  This trading […]

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