2017-2018: Expat Archive Center Digital Scrapbooks

This practical project follows on from the theoretical course, MUSEUMS: GENDER, SEXUALITY, RACE, AND CLASS, taught by our visiting guest professor, Fulbright Fellow Dr. Amy Levin. Working in small groups of two or three, students selected a person or a theme from the rotating Twitter feed @WeAreXpats of the Expat Archive Center in the Hague. Their task was to develop a digital “scrapbook” exploring themes in the experiences of migration, and working and living abroad.

Iris and Lars: Family, Friends, and Football

Tom and Anne: Krampus in Austria

Anouk and Michiel: The Changing Face of a Tradition: Dia de los Muertos in a New Perspective

Lise and Lisa: EXPA(REN)TS: Raising Third Culture Kids, 1950s-Now

Vincent and Tjarda:Hash House Harriers: The Cure for Being an Outsider

Lynn and Eva: Expets: Saved, Abandoned

Eline, Karlijn and Geeske: War Brides: Love Unites Allies and Enemies in WWII