8 thoughts on “Historical reenactment: playtime or education?

  1. Good introduction. Takes the attention of the reader and makes you want to read a bit more about it.

  2. Lovely post about historical reenactment. It made me think about the times when i went on prehistoric and medieval camp with primary school (o yes it was one of those ‘vrije scholen’ or in english apparently called Waldorf eduction). I think there is definitely an important goal in reenactment for children and adults. You learn something about how people lived in those times, although it is not totally authentic, how could it be, but you still get a taste of history.

  3. ‘Reenactment allows a unique exploration of life, unconstrained by the present.’ I completely agree on that with the Groot. It’s a very interesting topic. I go to a lot of fantasy festivals myself, and see reenactment groups there all the time. It’s nice to have some scientific background. I agree with it being a good thing!

  4. Thanks for all the kind replies! Lisa, those festivals sound awesome, you’ll have to tell me more about them! And Roos, I wish I’d have gone to a ‘vrije school’, they always seemed lovely to me. Maybe plan a trip to the Archeon for the whole class? 😉 Reliving nostalgic childhood moments 😉

  5. As you have been visiting the Archeon (a couple of times?) did you ever enter a re-enactment?

    I spent my childhood and teenage years right beside the Archeon, illegally entering at nights haha

  6. Love the start of your article, you’re immediately attracted to the story.
    Interesting article of Saguto too.
    Would be nice to go to the Archeon, tomorrow there is Archeon culinair, sounds like there is food, so i’m happy then 😉

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