The belongings Omar took with him on his journey from Syria to the Netherlands (photo by Machiel Spruijt)

“My Phone Helped Me With Everything”

By Circe de Bruin, Lucia Hoenselaars and Machiel Spruijt   This phone played a crucial part in the journeys of Omar Abdulghani (20), a Syrian gay refugee. Omar fled Syria in April 2015, and came to the Netherlands through Turkey and Greece. The internet allowed Omar to discover his own sexuality in a society where […]

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The Proactive Museum and the Public

By Circe de Bruin   The nature of the decision-making process conducted for an museum exhibition has changed, observes Mark Liddiard in his essay “Changing Histories: museums, sexuality and the future of the past”. Based on interviews with staff and visitors of local, national and independent museums in the UK he describes the following trend: […]

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Sex Sells

By Kevin Schram Sexuality in museums. A topic discussed in the last part of Mark Liddiards research essay ‘Changing Histories: Museums, Sexuality and the Future of the Past’ on the changes occurring in museums, concerning technologies and attitudes towards the past. He argues that questions should be asked about the identity and direction of museums […]

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